Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sad News

The Gulf Coast Sur-Realist sadly reports that Wes Teel, the Gulf Coast Realist, suffered a heart attack in the prison camp the night of January 1st. Fortunately, when he reported his symptoms, the unit clerk responded promptly and called an ambulance. The paramedics gave him sublingual nitro tablets, quickly got him to a very good Atlanta hospital where excellent physicians successfully performed a triple bypass. I believe thereis more blockage but, for the life of me, I can't remember what was said would be done about it. Wes is doing fairly well but is quite weak and still in a lot of pain from the surgery. The doctors say his blood pressure is low and his cholesterol was only slightly elevated. It appeared that his heart attack was brought on by STRESS! Go figure.

This compassionate heart that held love for all and forgiveness for those who tortured him was damaged by The Evil One who could not be bothered to rule on a simple motion the week before Wes self-reported to the prison. That last week was filled with tremendous tension, waiting, hoping against hope for the reprieve of being allowed to stay out pending his appeal. Considering that The Evil One had allowed another public official that courtesy -- one convicted of a far more serious crime. And then Wes' hopes were dashed when The Evil One cancelled the long-standing appointment with George Lucas and continued to dodge him all week until the Courthouse closed for Christmas. No doubt The Evil One spent the week out looking for his balls. That was a tremendously high level of stress under which he was living during that period, never mind all that had come before it. So, congratulations, Judge! You have hurt his body. But guess what. No matter what you do to this man, you, like your original namesake, cannot break this man's faith or his indomitable spirit. Wes' faith in God is strong and unwavering no matter what trials (no pun intended) and tribulations he has to endure. As a matter of fact, as a scientist, I have studied him like a bug under a microscope and still could not figure out how he endured the emotional torments he has faced. Finally, I was forced to ask and Wes explained to me that:
(1) he relies on his faith in God;
(2) he uses a chest of drawers analogy and compartmentalizes his negative feelings and emotions in the bottom drawer for the moment. He says he keeps them there for future reference in case he has to revisit them, but for the most part he keeps his mind in positive drawers. That didn't sound quite right, did it.
(3) And most importantly, he literally does not harbor negative feelings/energy against other people. He strongly believes that hate hurts the hater, not the hate-ee. Wes feels that having any negativity within himself is toxic, so he discourages it by putting it in the bottom drawer, by praying to have it removed. He did let me know that it takes more than one prayer to remove it.

Please pray for the full and speedy recovery of this wonderful man. He is always grateful for your love and prayers. Also, send him cards, letters, cartoons, cheerful things. You might include a stamped, self-addressed envelope so he won't have to buy the supplies himself, just in case he is out of money. (My idea, not his -- just a suggestion. It wouldn't hurt to send a few bucks to his account, either.)
P.S. If someone has Scott Horton's email address, please send it to me via a comment at this blog.


Anonymous said...

You can not send stamp or envelops to a federal prison.

Anonymous said...

This is the website where I found this information. It is also helpful with other information concering federal inmates. It is also gives you insight to what is going on inside as families of other inmates post concerns and going on's. I found it very helpful while my loved one was a federal inmate.

I don't personally know Mr Teel, but he once gave me some free legal advice when I visited his office. I will continue to pray for him and the others associated with his case.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to include the web address.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Teel will be in my prayers

msvet said...

as sad as it is wes grew around the corner from my parent's just glad his were not here to see the mess he as made of his life. not only has he thrown away a good career but now look what his wife is having to deal with on top of her health concerns.

Bill said...

Thanks for posting Wes Teel's mailing address. If you read the rest of this post, you'll find that I don't think Wes is such a "wonderful man" like you do.I mailed him the following letter this morning

William E. Cameron

Walter W. Teel
Federal Prison Camp
P. O. Box 15016
Atlanta, GA 30315

January 17, 2008
Mr. Teel:
Hi there. You probably don’t remember me. We only met one or two times and that was several years ago. My name is William, but everyone calls me Bill. My daughter Sara was born in 1993. She’ll turn 15 this August. Do you remember me Wes? No…? I didn’t think you would. Well here’s a little bit more information that may help jog your memory:

• I hired you to be my lawyer in my custody battle for my daughter Sara
• You were with the Meadows, Riley, K?????, and Teel law firm
• I paid you what was a small fortune to me at the time -$3,500
• Months after I hired you, I still hadn’t heard a word from you as to the status of my case
• I was being denied my visitation and I needed your help. I called your office and left messages, but you never called me back
• In desperation, I went to your office at least a dozen or more times, but you were either never there, or unable to see me
• I began to call you every day and leave messages, but you never even once returned my call. Not one single time
• Eventually, my case was heard in front of Judge Bill Stewart, but you didn’t even show up. I never was told why. I was given a new court date
• I borrowed $2,000 from my parents and hired another lawyer
• My new lawyer, Robert Koon tried to get my case file from your office. It contained documents, recorded phone calls, and other evidence that I’m confident would have helped me to win custody of my little girl. Your assistant Debbie (I think that was her name) didn’t know where it was, and you never called me or my lawyer back
• My Mom went to your office for 3 days in a row and sat there all day, waiting to speak to you. Finally, you talked to her, and assured her that my file, tapes, and other evidence would be gotten together and sent to my new lawyer’s office by the next afternoon. It never was.
• We went to court and lost. All the proof I needed to win was in your possession

You are one sorry excuse for a man, Wes Teel. Does your conscience ever bother you? Are you sorry for cheating me? Are you sorry for lying to me and my Mother? Do you regret the abuse my child suffered because you didn’t help her? Are you sorry Wes? Do you care at all, even one tiny bit? I doubt it.

As you probably guessed, I’m not very fond of you Wes. You stole my money, kept valuable evidence that I went through Hell to get, and you were a big factor in me losing my case. That time I lost with my daughter Sara, I can never, ever get back.

I hired several lawyers over the years as I tried to get my daughter back and force my Ex wife to let me have my visitation. Let’s see… in addition to you there were Fred Lusk, Robert Koon, and Ann Clark Lazarra.

I did eventually win custody. But it took years, Wes.

The state of California notified me in 2004 that my Ex wife’s new husband had been charged with sexually abusing my daughter’s half sister, and that she had been removed from the home. She came to live with me in June of 2004 while the California authorities investigated the charges. The California courts eventually granted me sole custody.

Now I have a new lawyer named Mark Strickland. I’ve petitioned the state of Mississippi for custody and an order of child support.

I was shocked when you were elected to be a Chancery Court Judge! How could a con artist like you get elected to any position? It seemed so wrong, yet it was true. You caused my family and I so much pain and heartache as a lawyer, so what kind of misery would you inflict on the Gulf Coast as a Judge? At that point I lost all faith in our political and legal system. I knew you would abuse the power of your position, but I never thought you would be punished, even if you were caught. I assumed that even if you were accused of a crime, you’d use the power and influence of your office to weasel your way out of it.

As I expected, it didn’t take long before you were up to no good. I watched and read everything in the news about the charges against you. I must admit, it made me just a little bit happy to see you in trouble. As far as I was concerned, you deserved it. I knew that if you ripped me off, you must have done the same thing to other families as well.

Poetic Justice… What Goes Around, Comes Around… Good Riddance … Payback …whatever you want to call it, Wes. When you were sentenced to nearly 6 years in prison, I gave God the credit for avenging the crime you committed against me and my daughter. God Almighty says in Galatians 6:7 “A man reaps what he sows.” So the Lord made good on His Word, through you. Thank You God!

When I heard that your son Ryan was accused of beating Jesse Lee Williams to death, I thought to myself, “What a wicked and evil family the Teels must be!” Your son Ryan had that poor man strapped into a chair with no way to escape or defend himself, and beat him so severely that he died. I wonder how many other poor bastards Ryan had beaten and brutalized? In a way it’s a blessing that he killed Mr. Williams, because if he hadn’t, his reign of terror and abuse would still be going on today. What kind of heartless animal could do that to another human being? Answer: The kind raised by my good ole lawyer, liar, thief, and all around Good Guy Wes Teel!

Wes Teel, the man who stole my money. You didn’t use a gun, but you stole my money just the same. What would the sentence be for stealing that much money from someone Wes? Hey… at least you got away with it. Good thing too, or you may have gotten a lot more prison time.

The money you took from me isn’t what ripped my heart out though… Not seeing my daughter for all those years is.

I just read in the Sun Herald that you had a heart attack, and had to have surgery. Good. I hope you have another one. Or maybe even two or three. And I hope it hurts.

I just want to know why, Wes. Why didn’t you fight for me and Sara? Why didn’t you ever call me back? Why didn’t you give my file and the evidence I collected to Robert Koon? Why did you take my money and give me nothing in return? Why?

A few honest answers are all I want from you. You owe me that.

William E. Cameron

Anonymous said...

Oh you will be fine and your wife is a crazy loon!

Anonymous said...

How about an update on Mr. Teel. I have been praying for him and hope he has a quick recovery. As for Mr. Cameron, you think you had it bad, take a look at this and tell me. Look at the video and listen to the death threats. Instead of being so hard on a man that has lost everything, look at your blessings of your daughters.

Lucy mom's nickname for me! said...

I had the pleasure of knowing Wes and working with him. He was always positive, always in good spirits. When my mother died Wes came to visit with us. He calmly and quietly spoke kind words to me. If for any reason anyone believes this man did what he is accused of then you are as blind as the judge who convicted him. Wes, I know you cannot possibly read what is written here but this family's prayers are with you!

sailor said...

Point of clarification Lucy: Wes was convicted by a jury, not the judge. The same jury that convicted Pauland John. I still think where the judge erred was in not allowing the trials to be separate.

Lucy mom's nickname for me! said... said...

1) I know it was jury not a judge and had posted it prior to realizing my error.
2) Mr. Cameron, I am sorry you did not have a positive experience with Mr. Teel. I hope all is well with your child.
3) I agree, karma is a funny thing that haunts you when you least expect it. Heaping more grief and wishing ill on a person when their life has taken such a bad turn isn't a good thing.
4)Careful about claiming by insinuation that you are a christian (Mr. Cameron you quoted the Bible) You too will reap the bitterness you have sown. You cannot be forgiven if you do not forgive first. Your crimes will also haunt you by that very verse you quoted. Mom always said be careful what you wish you just might get it. Now should his wife come to the worst ends while he is in prison how does that vindicate you? How does his prison sentence erase the harm your daughter suffered. In addition when originals were not required why did you not make copies and give copies instead of originals? Would you have blamed Mr. Teel if his office had caught fire? someone had broken in? We all have a part in the errors that visit our doors...look at your own place in the case and the mistakes that you made also.
Last: I knew Mr. Teel a personal level and a professional level:He was indeed honest and kind. That does not mean he didn't make mistakes, cause harm whether intentional or unintentional (I would believe that it was more unintentional) or that he isn't fallible. We are human and that is part of our condition == to be fallible.
If we do not learn from our mistakes, forgive each other and ourselves then the hate within destroys the HATER not the person who is hated. Anger eats from within like rotted heals from within like a soothing salve. Mr. Cameron I pray that you can find kindness in your heart for yourself, help for the anger at your situation and the guilt you feel for not being able to protect your daughter.

BiggSteve said...

I was a little apprehensive leaving a comment in this blog at first, but after reading Mr. Cameron's description of Wes as as "con artist" in this blog, I changed my mind. I will never forget the day Wes and Myrna called me on the phone and asked what my wife and I needed for our newborn child. At the time we were "financially challenged", we were both working dead end jobs, myself as a security guard at a local casino and part-time as a firefighter. Anyway, I told them the only thing we needed and did not recieve was a stroller. I don't know if you are aware how much a stroller runs these days at your local Wal-Mart, quite a bit...
Wes and Myrna reached in their pocket and gave us $200. They told us to go buy the stroller we wanted, not one with this much money, the one we wanted, it meant alot. I never forgot that. When it comes to character and caring for others the Teel's are at the top of my book.