Tuesday, January 8, 2008

An Address for Wes

To those who want to know how to contact Wes by mail:
Walter W. Teel
Federal Prison Camp
P. O. Box 15016
Atlanta, GA 30315

Please keep in mind that he has to pay for everything there, including paper, pens, stamps, personal care items, etc. I have included the instructions copied from the prison information on-line for anyone who cares enough to send money to his account to make his stay more bearable. Heaven knows his wife can't do it alone. Let's not forget about Wes and do for him what we can. (He'll kill me for putting this on his blog. Oh, well -- he'll have to catch me first.)

Funds may be sent to Federal inmates via the United States Postal Service or via the Western Union Quick Collect Program. In either case, the inmate must physically be housed at a Federal Bureau of Prisons' facility before funds can be received and posted. If the inmate is not physically in a Federal Bureau of Prisons' facility, the funds cannot be posted and will be returned or rejected.
U.S. Postal ServiceInmates' families and friends choosing to send inmates funds through the mail must send those funds to the following address and in accordance with the directions provided below:
Federal Bureau of PrisonsInsert Valid Committed Inmate NameInsert Inmate Eight Digit Register NumberPost Office Box 474701Des Moines, Iowa 50947-0001
The deposit must be in the form of a money order made out to the inmate's full committed name and complete eight digit register number. Effective December 1, 2007, all non-postal money orders and non-government checks processed through the National Lockbox will be placed on a 15 day hold. The Bureau of Prisons will return funds that do not have valid inmate information to the sender provided the envelope has an adequate return address. Personal checks and cash cannot be accepted for deposit.
The sender's name and return address must appear on the upper left hand corner of the envelope to ensure that the funds can be returned to the sender in the event that they cannot be posted to the inmate's account. The deposit envelope must not contain any items intended for delivery to the inmate. The Bureau of Prisons shall dispose of all items included with the funds.
In the event funds have been mailed but have not been received in the inmate's account and adequate time has passed for mail service to Des Moines, Iowa, the sender must initiate a tracer with the entity who sold them the money order to resolve any issues.
Western Union Quick Collect Program
Inmates' families and friends may also send inmates funds through Western Union's Quick Collect Program. All funds sent via Western Union's Quick Collect will be posted to the inmate's account within two to four hours, when those funds are sent between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. EST (seven days per week, including holidays). Funds received after 9:00 pm EST will be posted by 7:00 am EST the following morning. Funds sent to an inmate through the Quick Collect Program may be sent via one of the following ways:
1) At an agent location with cash: The inmate's family or friends must complete a Quick Collect Form. Click here to view a sample Quick Collect Form. To find the nearest agent, they may call 1-800-325-6000 or go to www.westernunion.com.
2) By phone using a credit/debit card: The inmate's family or friends may simply call 1-800-634-3422 and press option 2.
3) ONLINE using a credit/debit card: The inmate's family and friends may go to www.westernunion.com and select "Quick Collect".
For each Western Union Quick Collect transaction, the following information must be provided:
1) Valid Inmate Eight Digit Register Number (entered with no spaces or dashes and immediately followed by Inmate's Last Name)2) Committed Inmate Full Name entered on optional line3) Code City: FBOP4) State code: DC
Please note that the inmate's committed name and eight digit register number must be entered correctly. If the sender does not provide the correct information, the transaction cannot be completed. The Code City is always FBOP and the State Code is always DC.
Each transaction is accepted or rejected at the point of sale. The sender has the sole responsibility of sending the funds to the correct inmate. If an incorrect register number and/or name are used and accepted and posted to that inmate, funds may not be returned.
Any questions or concerns regarding Western Union transfers should be directed to Western Union by the sender (general public). Questions or concerns should not be directed to the Federal Bureau of Prisons.
For additional information concerning inmate Commissary account deposit procedures, please see the Bureau of Prisons Trust Fund/Warehouse/Laundry Manual (PS 4500.04) or 28 CFR Parts 506 and 540. For information concerning a specific deposit, please contact Federal Bureau of Prisons' staff at 202-307-2712 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. ET.


Anonymous said...

It is a shame what has happened to Mr. Teel. Jealousy and outright abuse by certain individuals, Cono Caranna and Margaret Alfonso, put him where he is today. Cono and Margaret are as crooked as the day is long. Take a look at some of their work. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bfOJdMsHj8 and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GE-K2ed46XU . How do they get away with it? They control Chancery and Circuit Courts.

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful that you are posting all this information that will surely help Wes.... but what about his son Ryan? Isn't there an address for him as well? I went to school with Ryan and had to the pleasure to get to know his family before moving away. I would like to write to them both. Is there a way to get Ryan's address as well. I'm sure mail relieves some boredom.

Cono said...

Wes Teel for God. Vote now, vote often.

Mr. Teel will appreciate it and will return the favor... one day.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you would ask people to send this crooked lawyer, with an equally evil, murderous demon seed from his loins, money! The fruit never falls too far from the tree. You probably also think Leroy Hobbs was a beacon of goodness and light.