Sunday, January 27, 2008

Thought for the Day

The Gulf Coast Sur-Realist had the pleasure of speaking to Wes yesterday. He is back in the dorm, and his fellow inmates are being very helpful to him. Wes says that he still feels weak but continues to gain strength each day. Apparently his recovery will take some time. Hopefully, then he can look forward to better health. As his health permits, he will make his own entries on his blog. Now before you all go into a feeding frenzy over the latest news, here is your thought for the day which you might want to consider carrying with you in the form of a tattoo:

Keep custody of your Thoughts for they become your Words.
Keep custody of your Words for they become your Actions.
Keep custody of your Actions for they become your Habits.
Keep custody of your Habits for they become your Character.
Keep custody of your Character for it becomes your Destiny.


Anonymous said...

"Keep custody of your Character for it becomes your Destiny"

Perfect words for Mr. Teel.
He is a criminal and belongs in jail.

doodlebug said...

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.
There certainly have been a lot of sin-free people who have felt compelled to cast aspersions on Mr. Teel. We have one man (the one who didn't bother to keep a copy of his originals) who didn't get what he wanted from a whole string of attorneys. We have a young woman who could have abstained from sex, who could have chosen to have an abortion, who could have kept the child herself beyond the first three months, but instead elected to put the little girl up for adoption, and that is somehow Mr. Teel's fault. She should thank her lucky stars that she didn't have to comfort her child through the trials of that child's father and grandfather. Don't blame others for your own mistakes. And then we have a host of people who comment without knowing the actual facts of the case. If you were able to look further than the end of your own biased nose and seek the truth, you would find that Mr. Teel does not have a criminal character. And exactly which Anonymouse are you? One who has made one of the previous comments?

Lucy Lui said...

I hear a loud thud.....was that another anonymouse hitting the ground from their high horse? Anonymouse.....HAHAHAHA! LOVE IT...TOO LITTLE TO SPEAK UP BUT JUST SNEAKY ENOUGH TO SHOW UP IN THE DARK AND SCURRY WHEN THE LIGHTS ARE ON lol....

Robert K. said...

Hmmmm... I wonder... If the case had been slanted the other way, and favor was granted to the Teel defence team instead of to the prosecution, would all of you be complaining? Would you say, "Even though the outcome of the case was in Wes Teel's favor, Teel should be locked up because the judge was biased against the prosecution" Well, would you? I think not. The justice system which Wes Teel was a part of for all these years is the same one that put him in prison. Where were your complaints about corruption and fairness when Teel's crooked ass warmed the bench?

B.H. said...

anonymouse? Oh- you mean someone too afraid to reveal their identity? Kind of like the Sur-Realist- the moderator of this blog? Oh, I see! Someone like that!

The Gulf Coast Sur-Realist said...

Dear B.H. The Gulf Coast Sur-Realist is stepping from behind the curtain to explain the obvious to you. Now follow this very carefully. If every commentor signs in as "Anonymous," I and all the other readers have no idea if it is the same person always writing in, or if it is different anonymice making comments. When someone wants to make a response to one of these anonymice, it is infinitely easier if s/he can address the person with a number such as Anonymous #13 or, as in your case, b.h. Thank you for using a distinguishing mark, your initials. I don't use my real identity because this is not my blog. I am simply keeping it alive until Wes makes his own entries again. Therefore, think of me merely as a word processor. My personal identity does not matter.