Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Housekeeping Issues for the Readers

The Gulf Coast Sur-Realist is happy to report that Wes is well enough to have been discharged from the hospital and is now back at the prison. A mixed blessing, that. Wes is making a recovery but, strangely, the prison has yet to notify the family of his heart attack or surgery.

In response to your comments:

msvet: Wes' parents would not be ashamed of him because, as astute people, they would have the sense to recognize that he is merely collateral damage in a war of politics. You may be able to come to the same conclusion if you would avail yourself of the facts by reading Legal Schnauzer on line -- his series on Mississippi Churning will explain the big picture quite clearly to you. Roger Shuler is an investigative journalist and has made an extensive investigation of the Minor, Whitfield, Teel case. Scott Horton, a law professor who writes for Harper's Magazine, has done the same thing and can be read at Harpers.org. Please read the facts before you opine.

To the person who asked for Ryan's address, here goes:
Ryan Teel # 08230043
USP Big Sandy
P. O. Box 2068
Inez, KY 41224

Now let me correct something I wrote earlier. Apparently they don't allow you to send stamps and envelopes to the inmates. My bad. Thanks to an alert reader, we now know not to do that. Thank you, Anonymous, for your helpful input.

And to Anonymous, (presumably a different one), Mrs. Teel is not a crazy loon. God knows most of the rest of us would be babbling idiots drooling all over ourselves if we had endured the enormous stress she has borne for the past couple of years, especially while coping with an incurable disease that is directly exacerbated by stress. Despite that, Mrs. Teel has remained gracious, faithful to her family and her Lord, and somehow she has even kept her sense of humor. Crazy loons are those who speak without knowing the truth, and that well describes the aforementioned Anonymous much better than it describes Mrs. Teel. Now if you want to pick on someone, pick on someone who actually deserves it.

And now on to Mr. William E. Cameron: I salute your courage in posting your name with your letter. Obviously, I cannot speak for Wes, and I know nothing whatsoever about the circumstances of your custody case. But one thing I can address is the bitterness that you have harbored for so long. Most of us can understand your anguish at having lost custody of your daughter despite the efforts of a series of exceptionally fine lawyers such as Bobby Koon, Fred Lusk, and Ann Clark Lazarra. However, hitting a man when he is down is rarely a sign of integrity and character. You may want to read your own quote of Galatians 6:7 "A man reaps what he sows." Wishing two or three more heart attacks on a person along with additional pain may just come back home to roost. That would not help you or your daughter. Karma, like the law, seems to have a long arm.

And to the commenter who signed in as Cono: We don't need to vote for Wes for God because in the three Gulf Coast counties, God is running unopposed.

Just for the record, in the last election for District Attorney, in order to have a more palatable candidate than Carana or Tom Paine, some people wrote in Osama Bin Laudin.

I've tried to respond to all of your comments. Please, all of you Anonymice, at least give yourselves initials or numbers or some way to differentiate among yourselves.

Thank you for reading the blog, and thank you for responding.


Bill said...

I’d like to apologize. That vile “heart attack remark” was unnecessary. I don’t wish any sickness or pain on Wes. I had no right to write something so hateful and cruel, and as a born again Christian, I’m ashamed of myself for writing it. I hope you and Wes, and anyone else I hurt will forgive me.

Integrity and character…? I didn’t claim to have an abundance of either. But I don’t steal, I try not to lie, and if I say I’m going to do something I try to make sure it gets done.

While it wasn’t the kindest of letters, I wrote what I wrote for a reason. Wes is not (or was not) the caring, kind, loving person you make him out to be. Maybe to his wife, kids, and friends he is… but not to me.

Put yourself in my shoes for a moment. If you didn’t know Wes Teel, and your only experience with him was one like I suffered, what would your opinion of him be?

I want anyone reading this blog to know that there are evidently two Wes Teels: The good friend that you love, and the thief, liar, and con man that I hired as my lawyer. As harsh as that sounds it’s 100% true. I have no reason to lie.

It turns my stomach to read on this blog about what a fine man Wes is, when I know better. He must have changed his ways since he was my lawyer. Maybe he was saved AFTER the fact. If that’s the case, then as atonement for the things he did before he became such a great guy, he needs to at the very least explain his actions.

Several years ago a law firm approached me about being a plaintiff in a class action lawsuit against Wes. I chose not to participate out of sheer disgust. I was so sick and tired of fighting and losing, that I just wanted to forget the whole sordid mess. But the simple fact that such a lawsuit was even considered shows that others had an experience with Wes similar to my own. Evidently this was the way he conducted business.

If Wes had any integrity and character at all, I never got to see it. I guess I just saw the bad side. A lot of people that I love suffered for a long time because of him.

Bill Cameron

Anonymous said...

Now that I have what I originally wanted (Ryan's address) I can speak freely.
Mr. Cameron, please do not apolgize for your thoughts about Walter W. Teel. The man didn't treat his family much better than you, his client. Now I don't really know who the person is that is posting all this but apparently you don't know much about "The Man's" character. Did you know that Wes has a granddaughter that will be 16 years old on June 24th? Humm...? The MIGHTY Wes Tee's answer to a single father now facing a terrified pregnant daughter was "I can't help you financially Mr. Robinette but I will happily take care of the adoption for free." as he drove around in his Jag with his big house (pool and hot tub) in the Park Place subdivision!!! And after my father left furious at those words - the GREAT Wes Teel told his son Ryan to NEVER speak to me again. So you see Mr. Cameron, there is NO need to apolgize.
But to the writer of this... I believe the point Mr. Cameron was trying to make is that Wes is getting EXACTLY what he deserves. Yes, Legal Schnauzer may be exactly right BUT the travesty of justice or whatever you want to call it (I happen to be VERY fond of Judge Whitfield) couldn't have happened to a better man!! You chastised Mr. Cameron for "kicking a man when he is down" - that is the ONLY way to pin down such a slimy weasel as Wes Teel. I believe that this family (Wes, Myrna, & Ryan) is getting back all the pain they have given to others. Am I bitter? Your DAMN RIGHT I am!! I was 15 years old & scared to death. I kept her for 3 months before I realized that to give her up would be the best thing I could do. Her adoptive parents are doctors and she is beautiful. I made that decision alone. Did I ask Wes to handle the adoption? HELL NO!!! but he represented Ryan. He handed the papers to Ryan (from what Ryan told me) with little x's where he was to sign and said "Sign this!" and that was all. This child will one day knock on my door and ask me about her biological family. What do I tell her? What would you tell her? Didn't want you - Wes Teel? Murderer - father? You tell me... what the hell do I tell her? And don't pull the "BS" card. I have ALL the paperwork to prove it.
But you know - I always thought you had to HAVE a heart to have an attack.... maybe Wes will see all the pain he has caused others but the big question is Will he actually care or will he just continue with Oh, Poor Me and Mine. I'm betting on the latter.

Stephanie Robinette

Casey Ann said...

I just discovered that someone is keeping this blog going with news about Wes. I don't know who you are, but I certainly appreciate it. Please give him my best, and tell him I will write.

freedom's song said...

Bill Cameron didn't seem to explain what his problem was, Amazing, in 8 paragraphs he didn't mention a single fact a bout wes teel or his relationship to the man. You would think that with so much vengeful hate, (who BTW would jesus hate?) Bill might have some concrete facts or injury to share.
The "republican-christ" propaganda machine is alive and well, unfortunately it has nothing to do with the ideal of a Republic, Abraham Lincon its first presidential canidate, or Christ Conciousness..
I would love to post my email but the gun toteting, jesus defiling republiscum have already begun building concentration camps on a "closed down" military base near you. So I will remain relatively anon.

Did ya'll know we had a unified counterterrorism office in 1998 under president Clinton. Bush and company had to defund it to clear the way for 911("Against all Enemies", by Richard Clark).
Dont understand why? ask president/general Eisenhower about the military industrial complex


Ed in Gulfport said...

Hey Freedom's Song,
Bill Cameron was referring to comments he made on the moderator's previous post. If you're so limited in intelligence that you couldn't figure that out on your own, please refrain from posting any further comments.

Anonymous said...

I have known Wes and Myrna for over 30 years. The face the public sees is in no way indicative of the true character of these people. Wes is a corrupt, greedy liar who has walked all over desperate people who came to him for help for decades. I know firsthand just how cold and heartless this man is. I wish I had Mr. Cameron's courage and could state my name. There are many others who have suffered as he has at the hands of Wes Teel.

Lucy Lui said...

The man I knew was kind and generous. Offered to help in any way he could and often did.

Ain't My Fault Either said...

For the young lady who was pregnant ....ever think that the fact you were pregnant had something to do with you own behaviors and poor decision making skills? If you're going to have unprotected what do you think is going to happen? Inserting slot A into slot B usually results in children wanted or not....practicing safe sex usually (sometimes it fails) takes care of this issue. And if the excuse is well I didn't know, he didn't want to wear one then as a female you should have stepped up and said NO. Sorry sweetheart but I too got pregnant at 16, cared for the baby and made the necessary life adjustments and sacifices to have a wonderful heathly baby boy who is now 26 years old and doing quite well for himself. There are supports out there, yes you were probably scared, that part doesn't change no matter your age, I have other children and still married to their father.
Recognizing that your child needed more than you could provide was a grand thing. Three children in my family are adopted. So for that you are praised....next time however, learn how NOT to have babies instead of blaming someone else for your folly. Regardless of Wes Teel's character you put yourself in that situation, the medicine is bitter....an old saying I once heard is this: If you are old enough to spit in the air you are old enough to swallow it.

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